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Join Coleen, Linda, Maureen and Anne as all four girls head out to sea in their brand new reality series "In The Mood For Cruising". The series will premier on Monday July 6th on Quest Red TV. Follow the girls as they spend two weeks on board one of the world's most luxurious cruise liners.  

In The Mood For Cruising


The Musical!

From the writers of the hit comedy Hormonal Housewives, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is the brand-new musical comedy show that does exactly what it says on the tin.

Join our four refreshingly honest and unreserved girls, the Legendary Linda Nolan, X Factor Finalist Niki Evans, TV Personality Jess Wright (until 8th May), CBBC Creeped Out’s Stephanie Dooley (from 9th May) and Olivier Award Winner Leanne Jones as they go on a riotous evening of laugh-out-loud sketches and classic pop anthems that define being a 21st Century woman.

We  take a no-holds-barred comedy romp through everything life throws at a  modern day woman, dating, relationships, breakups, fashion, dieting,  chocolate, more dieting, sex, going out, staying in, wine, more wine and  of course, men. All are thrown under the microscope of uproarious  dissection – no subject is too taboo!

Get involved and come along to channel your inner diva because Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this tour had to be postponed from it's original dates but new dates are now up and running and tour dates and tickets are available by clicking the link below.  

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