Coleen is the youngest of the Nolan Family and the only member to be born in the UK. She was born on 12 March 1965. Coleen has been singing since she was two years old. As a child he appeared with the Singing Nolans act and regularly sang in Blackpool Working Men's Clubs. As a seven year old Coleen made her debut in the recording studio. Coleen, along with the two Nolan Brothers, Brian and Tommy decided against joining the Nolan Sisters when they moved to London. She preferred being in Blackpool with her pony. Coleen appeared with her Sisters on TV in 1974 as a guest star on the entire series of "It's Cliff".   When the Nolan Sisters toured with Frank Sinatra she chose not to meet the man himself, something she now regrets. She recorded a solo single in 1976. Coleen says now “it was embarrassing”. Coleen joined her Sisters in recording their 1979 album ' The Nolan Sisters' Coleen appeared in the promotional video for ‘I’m In the Mood for Dancing’


The Nolans were at the end of their 1980 Summer Season in Blackpool. Anne had decided to retire from show business and was heavily pregnant. Part of their act was an a cappella version of the haunting Cliff Richard song 'Miss You Nights'. Anne sang lead on the song and broke down in tears at the realisation that she wouldn't be singing with her Sisters anymore. Coleen was watching the show from the wings and in a tender moment of Family unity, walked on the stage and completed the number for Anne. The spectacle brought the house down and there was barely a dry eye in the house. Coleen became a fully-fledged member of the act in 1981.



In 1986 the Nolans toured the Soviet Union for four weeks playing at 25,000 seat arenas. The shows were sold out and more than 200,000 attended the performances. 


She was a regular, recording, appearing on TV, concert and cabaret until 1993 when she decided to retire from entertaining. She had visited Japan many times and had earned gold, silver and platinum records. The Nolans had recorded a new version of their signature tune and Coleen decided to come out of retirement and help make the song a hit. 


In 1996 Coleen had all but retired from performing and had taken a day job in a health food shop. She had two children with her partner Shane Richie - Shane Jr who was born in 1987 and Jake came along in 1992. Following her marriage breakdown she appeared on Trisha Goddard's 'Celebrity heartaches' it was a success, making the National press. Following on from that she was offered a job as a panellist on the fore runner to Loose Women - 'Live Talk'. After this her career rocketed when she was made the main anchor ITV's flagship daytime show ‘This Morning’ with 1960s supermodel Twiggy. Sadly the critics were harsh - reserving their harshest criticism to Twiggy who was promptly axed. Coleen worked alongside seasoned pro John Leslie for a further six months. Ratings had improved and Coleen's job looked secure.

Meanwhile, ITV had urged Fern Brittan to come back to work early from her maternity leave. Coleen was then side-lined to 'Special Features Reporter' this was not for her and shortly afterwards she left the show. Coleen made appearance on shows including 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' 'The Wright Stuff' and 'Celebrity Juice'. She was a popular member of ITV’s ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ where ten celebrities endured boot camps in an effort to lose weight. Ultimately Coleen was the one who lost the most weight. Shortly after this she was invited back to 'Loose Women' where she proved to be instantly popular. Over the next few years Coleen became the darling of the press with almost every magazine featuring her. As someone who has battled with weight issues most of her life Coleen took to fitness and stunned people with her slim line figure. A fitness DVD followed and a second one soon after. Appearances on 'This Morning' also followed where she presented their hub section. Coleen has put pen to paper and published two autobiographies. She has also written two novels.

 In 2009 four of the Nolans reformed to record an album and star in a reunion tour. The tour was recorded and a live version of the show was released on DVD. The Nolans collaborated to release a book ‘Survivors’. Coleen surprised many people when she entered the 'Celebrity Big Brother House' in 2011 she missed out of the top prize when she was runner up to Julian Clary. Coleen suffered a meltdown when Julie Goodyear manipulated a situation that brought turmoil to the house. Goodyear's scheming was unearthed and shortly after she was evicted.


Coleen then turned her attention to Panto. Something she had avoided for her whole career only trying it once. She starred as the Fairy Godmother at Liverpool.  Coleen was asked and agreed to compete in the ITV smash hit ‘Dancing on Ice’ she admits she was not gifted as an ice skater but managed to make it to the quarter final. A combination of good humour and likeability helped secure her votes rather more than her skating skills. Coleen later went on to co present the show for one week a year later when its main presenter Christine Bleakley fell ill. She was invited to make a series for Sky TV which investigated Women's health and beauty. Coleen has, for many years, been the Agony Aunt for the Daily Mirror. 



Coleen Interview


She announced she was leaving both 'Loose Women' and 'This Morning' and found herself as a regular on 'The Alan Titchmarch Show' where she offered advice in an Agony Aunt segment of the show. Coleen was tempted back to the main panel of 'Loose Women' and Coleen has now expanded her role to be both panellist and regular main anchor. 

In 2017 she re-entered the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house. The show pitted new housemates against several 'All Stars'. The pressure in the house was huge and Coleen endured several break downs. Her honesty made her a firm favourite with viewers who could see what the housemates were unable to see. On the evening of the final she won the show beating Jedward into second place. She had clashed in the house with celebrity cleaner Kim Woodburn who went on to lambast Coleen claiming that she was not a worthy winner. Woodburn had argued with almost everyone in the show. Viewers were alarmed at Woodburn's outbursts. Earlier that year Coleen had recorded the TV show 'In Therapy'   the show was aired whilst Coleen was locked in the Big Brother House. She detailed how her second marriage to musician Ray Fensome was in trouble, something she had disclosed to her fellow panellist and the public on 'Loose Women'. 


In 2017 Coleen appeared in Pantomime with Billy Pearce in Bradford reprising her role as Fairy Godmother at the Alhambra Theatre in the city. At the end of 2018 Coleen announced that she was divorcing her second husband, Ray.



Coleen announced in November that she was to embark on her first solo tour. The 'Never Too Late' tour would hit towns and cities nationwide in February the following year.

Controversy came later in the year when ITV invited Kim Woodburn, who the press had dubbed ‘Nolan's Nemesis’ onto Loose Women. It was planned that there would be some banter between the two and it would make good comic TV. However there appeared to be a miscommunication. Woodburn said she was under the impression that Coleen wanted her on the show so Coleen could apologise. In perhaps an ill thought idea, Janet Street Porter was dressed as a judge complete with Gavel. The light hearted segment quickly descended into bad temper with Kim calling Coleen "Trash" and "Scum". Linda Nolan was a panellist that day too. She had stated that Kim had no real talent. This led to Kim breaking down and walking off the show. Coleen's son Shane waded into the subsequent aftermath on Twitter calling Woodburn mad.


Shortly afterwards there was uproar on Social Media with several people calling for Coleen to be sacked. A petition was launched and more than 30,000 complaints made.  Coleen appeared on ITV's This Morning where she broke down claiming she had had "The worst week of my life". She had been forced to close down her Social Media profiles following abusive trolling. She denied any accusation of bullying - of which there were thousands - Finally she withdrew from ‘Loose Women’ and postponed the scheduled tour. Clearly upset about the whole thing Coleen took a complete rest. She returned to Loose Women in spring 2019. Ofcom announced they were investigating the show over the complaints. Later on both Coleen and the show were exonerated. 

Coleen was invited to appear in a short run in a production called ‘The Thunder Girls’ a musical comedy about a girl group reunion thirty years after they broke up. The book, penned by Coleen’s manager Melanie Blake premiered in Salford and was an instant hit selling out within days. 

In  2020 Coleen along with her sisters, Anne, Maureen and Linda signed contracts to star in a new reality TV series for the Quest Red TV Channel. ‘In the Mood for Cruising’ was filmed in March 2020. The eight week series sees the sisters take two cruises together. At the end of the series they will sing for their fellow passengers. The show premieres on Quest Red TV on July 6th.

 After returning from the cruise Coleen was set tour the UK in the musical ‘The Thunder Girls’ her first ever UK tour as part of a musical. The show will co-star Coronation Street’s Beverley Callard.  For Tour dates and Tickets please check Coleen's news page.